This privacy policy has been created to help you understand what kind of information we collect and how it is being used.

Our Website

Our Website does not collect any immediately identifiable information as currently users are unable to register to create accounts. This may change in the future.

We currently do use Google Analytics to help us better understand who visits our website and what is being looked at.

Our Applications and Games

Our Games do collect information from our users using the Google Play Games Service and Unity Analytics as well as Unity Ads.

With Google Play Games Services information is collected that allows you to unlock achievements and post high scores to the leaderboards that are hosted by Google. Other players are able to see the user names and scores that are submitted to the leaderboards.

Unity Analytics is used in a manner similar to how Google Analytics is used. It provides us with information to help us understand who is playing our games and helps us improve them. We do not collect personal information from our users when Unity Analytics is being used.

Third Parties

For more information on information collected by Google please visit the Google privacy policy here

To be able to restrict the information provided to us by Google Play Games Services please click here

For more information about Unity Analytics and Unity advertisements please visit the Unity Privacy Policy here